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Eco warrior at Bandar Harapan - Trip 8

Hey peoplez! There will be this Daytrip at Bandar Harapan, all Eco warriors and non-Eco warriors member are welcome to join, for more info, based on below schedule :)

Sunday, October 25, 2009
8:00am - 12:00pm
Bandar Harapan
PJU 1A/31, Ara Damansara

━ ─ ━ ─ ━ ─ ━ ─ ━ ━ ━ ─ ━ ━ ─ ━ ─ ━ ┓
┃ • DATE : SUNDAY, 25 Oct
┃ • TIME : 8am -12 noon
┃ • LOCATION: PJU 1A/31, Ara Damansara
┃ • REQUIRED: 100 volunteers (kids of all ages welcome)
┗ ━ ─ ━ ─ ━ ─ ━ ─ ━ ━ ━ ─ ━━ ━ ─ ━ ━ ─┛

Exciting day of planting awaits you!

The task of the day is to precision cut small plastic bottles, select & cut the finest stems and plant the beautiful misai kucing. Our target is to have 500 bottles with planted misai kucing to be ready at the end of the day.

Do bring along your used plastic bottles (the small 600ml, normal drinking water ones are preferred)

Important reminder! As always - Please do NOT go and buy NEW plastic bottles! Bring the ones you might already have, ask your neighbours, your offices or do a simple clean-up in your taman and kampung.

As the location is within city limits, we are NOT organising transportation. We do encourage you to car pool.

Those who need a pick-up from Kelana Jaya LRT, let us know, we can organize it.

Or even better, come in the most creative non-fuel way and you'll get a 1 minute slot to tell your tale in front of an eager audience.

Briefly, the schedule shall be as follows:
0800hrs - Gather at Bandar Harapan (please have your breakfast before coming)
0815hrs - Welcome & Briefing by Ivan
0830hrs - Division into 4 gorups (bottle cutters, sack cloth cutters, stem cutters and misai kucing planters) & start working
1200hrs - Enjoy a fresh organic lunch, get familiar with Bandar Harapan herbs and plants and buy some organic food to bring back home

1. Hat, insect repellant and sunscreen
2. Your own drinking water
3. Gloves, scissors, knifes if you have them.
4. A smile and a bottle-full of fun

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